Video: Jay-Z’s Inspirational Words

We all know Jay-Z as a very talented and very successful rapper. He’s truly the definition of a hustler who never stopped working and in turn reached success. He went from having very little to owning his own record label and clothing line. That’s a huge accomplishment and I’m pretty sure everyone agrees with that.

I’m always saying how you learn from following in successful people’s footsteps.  Well, for all you aspiring rappers out there I suggest you pay close attention to this video from Jay-Z drops some knowledge on what it took to get to the top and some of the things he had to go through. A lot of us can truly learn from this rapper.

Inspirational Words of Jay-Z

Video Review

As you can see Jay-Z never stopped working and he never gave up. There were many times where he could have given up and had it been another person they probably would have. People rejected him and instead of nagging and giving up he came up with his own label and clothing line. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter what people think, all that matters is what you think and whether or not you believe in yourself. He believed in getting what he wanted by any means necessary.

I hope this video gets you motivated and puts things into perspective. If you’re a talented rapper then there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t make it to the top. There’s so many ways to come up so lets not blame it on other things just because you’re lazy. Pic up the mic and start rhyming….KEEP HUSTLIN’.

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  1. Definitely some inspiration jay wasn’t gonna stop till he made it.