Top Songs

top hip hop songs

There are some songs that are just great and never get old. The definition of a good song will always change depending on people’s preferences but there are songs that almost everyone likes.

This is a list of songs I really like and recommend you check out. There are so many songs to choose from but it would be hard to list all of these tracks due to space, with that said I’ll list a few of what I consider to be some of the best.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share some of your top songs but first, this is what I believe separates a song from the rest:

  • Song Quality

  • Song Message

  • Song Impact

Keep in mind these are just the songs that I recommend you listen to (if you haven’t already), a lot of these songs are older so by now most of you should of heard them.

The first part of the list will be composed of the older songs and the second will be the newer ones. I know everyone has their preference so not everyone might agree with this list. If that’s the case share your top songs so that everyone can see what you’re bumpin’. Okay, here are some of my top songs(in no particular order).

Songs to Check Out

top hip hop songs

  • Rakim – When I Be on the Mic

  • 2Pac – Me Against the World

  • Big L – Put it On

  • Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang

  • Outkast – Ain’t no Thang

  • Nas – Halftime

  • Eazy E – It’s On

  • Biggie – Everyday Strugle

  • Wu Tang – C.R.E.A.M

  • The Beatnuts – Hit Me With That

  • Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

  • Eminem – Infinite

  • Outkast – Atliens

  • Lil Troy – Wanna Be a Baller

  • Luniz – I Got 5 on It

  • The Firm – Phone Tap

  • A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again

  • Dr. Dre – Been There Done That

  • Biggie – Juicy

  • Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day

  • Wu Tang – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

That was just twenty-one of my favorite older songs and I’ll be the first to admit that I like older rap more than the newer stuff. I just feel that hip hop was real back then and I’m sure that many people will agree with me.

The older rap had this “rawness” that the newer rap seems to be lacking and even the older rap videos demonstrate this.

I believe the reason why the older songs are better is because rappers spoke more about everyday life and real struggles. While some of the new rappers do rap about real things as well, most of the focus is now on money, girls, sex, and materialism. There’s nothing wrong with making a few songs about these topics but damn don’t over do it. 🙂

Newer Songs


Rap has really changed since the 90’s and while some dread this fact, others seem to like it. I know I said I prefer older rap but I also know how to give credit where credit is due and there are also a lot of great rap songs that are more current.

In my opinion, new rap music or styles that bring something new to hip hop are always great. The rappers that add something new to hip hop and change it for the better are the ones that go down in history. With that said, these are some of my favorite newer songs:


top hip hop songs

  • Army of the Pharaohs – Seven

  • Eminem – I’m Back

  • Jay Z – Can’t Knock the Hustle

  • Ya Boy – 100 Bars of Death

  • Crooked I – Gangsta Rap

  • Paul Wall – Sitting Sideways

  • The Game – California Vacation

  • Dr. Dre – Still Dre

  • Immortal Technique – Leaving the Past

I know this is a small list but those are just some of my favorite songs. There’s a lot more that can go on either list but I’ll let you guys add some of those on the comments.

Another thing that I would like to add, is that (like I said before), there are some great newer songs as well as some good mainstream music. A lot of people don’t like the new music at all and while I do understand why they feel this way I don’t necessarily agree all the time.

The reason for this is that some of the new rappers do have talent. For example, I believe Lil Wayne is actually good as is Wiz Khalifa. It’s another thing if they get lazy and don’t try as much because of fame. I believe hip hop fans shouldn’t attack all the new rappers right away and while some do suck, some of these new rappers are actually pretty good. Rap has changed but then again I guess change is inevitable.

Alright, well those are some of my favorite songs, let me know what you think and share some of your favorites.

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  1. Dude.. I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often. –

  2. Hot damn, you’ve got good taste.

  3. i think its a pretty nice list. pretty short but nice. i’d have to add some lupe fiasco to the new stuff though. like some ‘words i never said’ or ‘kick push’ or ‘the show goes on’ or ‘break the chain’ or really anything dude does

  4. i think lil b should be on the new stuff simply because his raps are raw and he created a life style im 18 i wanna here some funny stuff not someone like wiz who is trying mad hard to rap and is worse than lil b plus lil b has some real music dont forget who made the vans song that has every hood person rocking vans like wiz trying to do with chucks

  5. Good taste, real rap

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  7. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  8. I Don’t know if you listen to Kendrick Lamar and/or Ab Soul, but if you do not, DO. And if you already do I don’t understand why i have not seen their names on this website yet.
    Ab Soul – Pineal Gland
    Ab Soul – Terrorist Threats
    P.S. You will not catch everything he says without a few listens, or an outside source to aid you.