The Hip Hop Lifestyle

the hip hop lifestyleMost of the aspiring rappers today want to make it to the top for this reason….to live the hip hop lifestyle. You see it everywhere on videos, rappers flashing money, jewelry, beautiful girls, and of course amazing vehicles. While I agree that this is highly materialistic, I also can’t blame people for wanting it.

Who wouldn’t want this lifestyle especially if rapping can give it to you. It’s almost every rapper’s dream to make it to this level and I’m sure everyone can see why. On this post I’ll be looking at what the hip hop lifestyle is and how it’s portrayed.

The Early Days

I don’t know how many of you remember but hip hop was not always dominated by materialism. In fact hip hop was portrayed as the opposite as that. What would you see on the early videos? Rappers on the streets rapping and showing you areas of the ghetto. You wouldn’t see fancy cars or ten chains on a rapper’s neck. The mentality back then was still one of a rapper who was hungry to come up and get out of the hood. That was due to the fact that hip hop was still developing and it wasn’t as expanded as it is now. I’m not saying all rappers and videos were like this but the majority were.

In my opinion the life style back then was a fraction of what it is today. It was focused more on just straight rapping and endorsing what hip hop stood for. Just look at the early videos from Wu-Tang or Tupac and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Keep in mind these different rappers were from opposite coasts but yet they still had a similar mentality. Yea rappers had nice cars and bragged here and there but nothing like the current state. It wasn’t until later that the hip hop lifestyle really started to become what it is today.

the hip hop lifestyle The Transition

As hip hop started to grow so did the rappers and so did the money. Most of these rappers had nothing before they blew up so as soon as they had money they made sure people knew about it. You couldn’t blame them, it’s like a kid with a new toy in some ways. A good example on how this started is with Biggie’s “Juicy”. He let’s you know what he has but he also lets you know about his struggle so it wasn’t all just flossin’. Another example is Tupac’s “2 of Amerikas’s Most Wanted” and even here you can tell it was still transitioning. As hip hop grew so did rappers’ egos.

The Hip Hop Lifestyle Today

The rapper’s lifestyle today consists of having it made. The focus is no longer primarily on hip hop it’s more about what you do with money and how much you have. “Every day’s a celebration” and things are just great. At least that’s what they show you in the videos. Look at most of the new videos now a days they all have rappers flaunting money and nice rides.  For rappers that make it to the top this is true but there’s also a lot of work that comes from this. If you listen to most rappers in interviews they’re always talking about hard work. My point here is that that the hip hop lifestyle is truly great but it doesn’t come easy. Even at the top it’s still hard work but what does this lifestyle bring?

Making it to the top brings fame, fame brings money, money brings nice cars and clothes, nice cars and clothes brings girls (if you’re a male rapper). Like I said before everyone trying to make it to the top is after one thing and that is the big money. I would consider the hip hop lifestyle to be what you would call living the fast life. Everything has pros and cons but I’m almost certain that the pros that this lifestyle brings outweigh the cons by a long shot.

the hip hop lifestyle

As you can see the lifestyle has changed throughout the years. I’m not sure if it changed for the better or not but the fact remains that the transition is evident. I personally think this change was inevitable but I would like to hear from you. Let me know what you think about the hip hop lifestyle.

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