Sad Rap Songs

sad rap songsWe can’t deny that some songs get you in a sad mood. These songs make you think and they really seem to put your mind somewhere else. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of sad songs but just like all the other kinds of songs, they too have their place in hip hop.

I believe that in order to put out songs like this you really need to add emotion to them. I know there’s a lot of sad rap songs but these are some of what I consider to be the saddest (in no particular order). It takes some skill to make songs like the ones I’m about to list.

2Pac: Brenda’s Got A Baby

This song really gets to you. It’s about a young girl who gets into prostitution due to the lack of attention that her family gives her as well as poverty. The ending is the worse part.

Immortal Technique: Dance With the Devil

The first time I listened to this song it really left me with a weird feeling especially because you don’t expect the ending. In my opinion this is one of the saddest songs if not the saddest period.

Eminem: Rock Bottom

This is one of those songs that a lot of hungry broke people can relate to. Eminem wrote this when he was in that situation so you know that he’s rapping this right from the heart.

Wu-Tang Clan: Tearz

In this song Wu tells you about some bad situations that have happened. It’s another rap song that makes you think twice about certain things. You really have to check this one out if you haven’t already.

Bone Thugs N Harmony: Tha Crossroads

I’m pretty sure most of you know about this song. It’s about family members that have passed away. Of course this song has to go on this list especially since all of us have lost special people.

Immortal Technique: You Never Know

It seems as if Immortal has a special talent when it come to these type of songs. He has a lot more that could have gone on here but these two should be enough. In this songs he talks about losing a very special girl.

Jay-Z: Soon You’ll Understand

Jay does a real good job on this song. He’s another rapper who’s good at getting into deeper subjects such as life and poverty. In this song he raps about a girl.

Nas: Dance

This is a very deep song that Nas dedicates to his mom. He really does a good job with his flow and he makes sure that you feel his emotion. I’m telling you, you need skill to put out these kind of songs.

The Game: Old English

I’m not that much of a Game fan but he does an amazing job with this song. It’s about events in his life (most of them sad) that have affected him. Another great song to listen to.

2Pac: Dear Mama

Just like Crossroads this is another song I’m pretty sure you heard of. The famous dedication to his mother. This song is very touching and definitely belongs on this list.

There you have it some sad rap songs.  Although some of these songs might be considered more emotional than sad, I still believe they have some sadness to them. I know there’s a lot more songs out there but I’ll let you guys add some of those on the comments. Let me know what songs you think are the saddest. You might know of some that I haven’t heard of yet.

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  1. That immortal one is crazy.