Rap Battles

rap battlesRap battles are some of the most challenging things to do when it comes to rap. Being able to battle is important and defines you as an MC. You don’t want to get put on the spot and not be able to battle someone. If you’re good at freestyling, then rap battles should be easy for you.

When you engage in a rap battle you have to be quick and of course, make sense. If you can destroy other rappers in battles your credibility as a rapper really establishes. Like I always say, the more tools and skills you have, the higher your chances are of attaining success.

A Little Bit About Rap Battles

If you’ve never battled anyone then this is the perfect time to start. Besides it being a great skill sharpener, rap battling can also get you some rep and remember, the higher your rep the easier it will be for you to get picked up by a record label. Now, I’m not saying to talk smack about people and start beef wars, remember that rap battles should be friendly competitions which are used to show skill. I’m also not saying that just because you’re good at battling, you’ll get picked up by a record label right away but your chances will be higher and the feeling of winning battles will be great.You need to give it a try if you haven’t already.

Rap battles are similar to freestyling. This is because with rap battles, everything you rap about will be of the top of your head, just like with freestyling. You must possess the ability to deliver killer punchlines that make sense and if you can rhyme, even better. Usually, rap battles consist of two rappers who will “cap” on each other or talk smack for about one minute. One rapper will go first then the other will respond. When battling the main goal is to outdo your opponent with more clever rhymes. The rapper that wins the crowd is the winner.

Battling is not the easiest thing to do especially for a first timer. To top it off you might have a crowd watching so that alone makes a lot of rappers back off. Before you consider engaging in rap battles, make sure you can freestyle extremely well. Once you feel you’re ready feel free to start battling. Start out with a friend who has about the same skill level as you and battle it out. You’ll have to be very observant when battling, this is because you have to find as much as you can to use against your opponent. You’ve seen 8 Mile right? Although it’s a movie, they do a good job at showing what rap battles are. Obviously when you battle you won’t sound as good as that, especially since your rhymes won’t be scripted but there are rappers that can battle extremely well.

rap battles


If you really like to battle, once you get good enough, you should be able to find competitions going on around your area. It’s places like these that you should be around if you want to come up. Remember always keep the main goal in mind and make sure you start up the rap battles.

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  1. I like watching rap battles on Youtube. I be crackin up at how they be clowining each other sometimes with props and special fx and stuff.

    Nice post!