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A little bit about me…

Hi, my name is Hector and I decided to create hiphopcomeup for two reasons. One, is to make about all things hip hop. The second (and most important reason) is because I have a vision in which I will help aspiring new hip-hop artists come up. A while back I remember thinking about how easy it is to rap for fun but how hard it is to actually make it.

That’s when I knew that I had to find a way for all you aspiring rappers to succeed. I’m a rap enthusiast and have been on the mic a few times myself and I know how it feels to have that burning desire to want to make it to the big scene. I got into rap at a very young age and I have always liked rapping and freestyling. I’ve recorded a few tracks and have been featured in local underground Cd’s but nothing major. I don’t consider myself a rap expert or rap “guru”, I just want to share my ideas with people and hopefully help them in some way. I like giving advice to young artists and I figure this is the best way to help them on a larger scale.

This blog is all about making the road to success easier. Everyone can learn and also teach something here. I want everyone that comes here to leave with some new knowledge and expand. That’s what hiphopcomeup is all about.

Let’s make this happen…

The Story Behind HipHopComeup

I remember I had always wanted to create a blog on the subject of hip hop and everything about it. I would always play around with the idea but never got around to doing it. Then I started thinking about creating a blog about hip hop but with a main focus on helping aspiring rappers succeed. Once this idea hit me I knew I had to do it and there was no turning back.

I remember back in September of 2010 I was really fired up about it and like most people, I was very inspired but wouldn’t take any action. I decided I had to get it going and was created in October.

Once created, I had all these ideas and at first I didn’t even know where to start. I would test a few things, remove some, and add some more. I knew it would take some time to add all of my ideas but I knew it would be well worth it if I could help at least a few people in some way. It took a good while to launch but it got done.

The great thing about this is that I know this is only the beginning and more and more people can take in a few ideas and tips. is for those who know they’re going to make it in hip hop no matter what and also for all the hip hop fans and rap enthusiasts. This was my motivation to start it up and now I’m really glad I did. I hope to keep helping and motivating people for a long time to come.

You never stop learning and there’s always room for improvement so I hope to take and expand in hopes that I can reach and help more aspiring rappers. That is my goal and I know that I can make it happen.

Keep it Moving…

Anything is Possible

I have always believed in this and I believe there is proof all around us. I’m a strong believer of hard work and I know that hard work is one of the best feelings that you can have. The satisfaction that comes from this dwarfs almost everything else. Through hard work anyone can accomplish anything.

If you dream and believe, then you can achieve.

This is something you must know and believe if you’re ever going to get anywhere with hip hop. When people get into something they always start of motivated and ready to go but as as soon as they don’t see results they give up. Often times, people give up because they don’t get results soon enough. You have to remember that the real good things in life don’t come that easy. You have to work hard in order to obtain these and like I said before, the satisfaction that will come from reaching your goal will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The thing that separates you from the rest is your ability to keep going no matter how bad things get or how many obstacles you face. Not even talent is more important than this. You can be the best unknown rapper out there but this won’t mean anything if you can’t adapt to all the situations that will be thrown at you.

You must be able to adapt to the current situation and make it work in your favor. It’s pretty much going to boil down to how many times you can accept failure without giving up. If you keep trying you’ll get it right eventually.

Fall seven times, get up eight.

I bring this up a lot because it is overlooked quite often and many people don’t even realize it. They’re too busy worrying about the problems and the negatives, when they should be focusing on how to make things happen. Positive attracts positive so keep that in mind. Making it in hip hop (just like with anything worth doing) is all about your state of mind. The bottom line is this:

  • Believe in yourself

  • Adapt to any situation

  • Don’t give up

Try to keep these things in mind everyday and don’t let anything hold you back. I wouldn’t say I’m at the top but I consider myself to be well of and successful. I would have to say I owe this to the things I mentioned earlier, especially hard work. Stay on it and make it happen, if you need some motivation to get you going check out my motivation page.

Hope This Helps,


4 Responses to “My Story”

  1. Bro, i have not looked at your site for quite awhile.. Then somehow i had a thought pop in my mind to check out your progress on this creation and i read this story on yourself. Your resources and mind state of “Self realizations” are so very well written bro. Its not only about Hip Hop but also how to better yourself as a person starting FIRST with your MIND, then distinguishing Negative vibes and fear within any individuals soul. Not only do you Believe in yourself bro but I will forever believe in you.

  2. Really appreciate what you’re doing for all us up and comers. Don’t stop bro.