Most Intellectual Rappers

most intellectual rappersThere are many smart and intelligent rappers out there, but who are the most intellectual rappers? Every rapper brings something different to the table but only a few demonstrate the intelligence that the following rappers portray. You can argue about who the most intellectual rappers are but we all know these rappers belong on this list.

Feel free to comment and tell me who you think should also go on the list. I chose these rappers based on lyric content and level of intelligence. Here they are, the most intellectual rappers.

#1. Immortal Technique

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Immortal is truly one of the most intelligent rappers out there. His lyrics are complex and you might need some sort of formal education to understand them but that’s what makes this rapper great. His focus is mainly on government corruption and racism. He spits nothing but the truth and his rhyming is on a whole other level.

 #2. Canibus

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If you thought Immortal’s lyrics were complex then you probably haven’t heard of Canibus. It’s a good idea to have a dictionary next to you when listening to this rapper. His lyrics go over most people’s heads and this is the same reason why many people probably don’t like his music. I would have to say he is the definition of an intellectual rapper and if you don’t believe me then I suggest you listen to some of his songs.

#3. Lupe Fiasco

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Another great rapper who spits truth with great educated lyrics to match. Most people know Fiasco as he is more on the mainstream scene but this doesn’t mean he’s not intellectual. I’m more about underground rap and underground rappers but Lupe Fiasco is a rapper who you just have to listen to.

#4. Nas

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Nasty Nas has a right to be on this list and I’m sure most of you will agree. His unique style combined with his intelligent lyrics make for a one of a kind rapper. His focus has always been on dropping knowledge to the rest of us. It’s safe to say that out of all the rappers on this list Nas has the best flow.

#5. Talib Kweli

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Talib is a high skilled rapper that talks about the everyday struggles and life. His style is calm and easy to vibe to, he’s another one of the “real” rappers who uses intellect and flow to express what needs to be heard. Hopefully you already know about him but if you don’t I suggest you check this rapper out.

#6. Common

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The way Common raps is truly unique and I’m sure you know why. His intellect is not yet matched by another rapper in my opinion. This East Coast rapper touches many sensitive topics and he uses his intelligence to paint a clear picture of what is going on. One of my favorite rappers when it comes to intellect.

#7. Dead Prez

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Dead Prez is one of the realest rappers out there. His lyrics aren’t the most complex or the most “intelligent” but that doesn’t mean he’s not intellectual. Then again this would depend on what your definition of an intellectual rapper is. With that said you still can’t deny that Dead Prez belongs on this list.

#8. Lauryn Hill

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I Know what you’re thinking, “there are plenty other female rappers that can also go on this list.” You’re right there is but I believe this rapper is one of the best when it comes to intellectual rappers. Her lyrics are very intelligent and they always pack a punch. You can’t argue that Lauryn doesn’t belong here.

#9. Aesop Rock

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Many of you have probably not heard of this guy so let me say this once again, if you haven’t heard his music then go check some of his songs out. A lot of people may not consider him intellectual but if you listen to what he raps about then you”ll probably change your mind. In my opinion a real underrated rapper.

#10. Slug

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Slug from Atmosphere is another underrated rapper who more people should know about. People might argue about how intellectual he actually is but in reality his lyrics will tell you everything you need to know. This rapper has some good solid skill that people need to recognize.

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  1. Immortal the best rapper on this list!

  2. lupe fiasco over nas? wtf kind of list is this, this list is missing so many rappers that could crush every body on this list

  3. Chino XL, member of MENSA