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make beatsAs a rapper on the come up, having the ability to make beats is absolutely necessary. You must be able to produce top notch sounds that will capture the attention of people. This is essential for any serious rapper. Without this skill you won’t be able to reach a high level of success and obviously that’s not what you want.

Making beats is not really that hard but you will need some skill if you want to produce something that is going to sound good. Just like with anything, the more you practice the better you’ll get. There are many tools you can use to simplify this process and I will tell you about some of those here. I will also present to you some steps that you can take to make your job easier and at the same time produce a high quality beat. To make sure you get it right, I’ll tell you about some things that you can do to take your beats to the next level.

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What Makes a Good Beat?

It’s pretty simple to separate a good beat from a bad one. If the first ten seconds of a beat don’t capture your attention, then chances are the beat isn’t all that great. The key to a good beat is whether or not it can capture the attention of people right away. How many times have you skipped a song on a new CD because you didn’t like the beat? As you can see, this is what you have to aim for. You will want to make beats that are catchy enough to get stuck in people’s heads. A good beat…

  • Catches the attention right away

  • Is not all over the place (not changing constantly)

  • Goes in harmony with your raps

Your beat should not be all over the place changing constantly. I’ve heard songs like these and I would have to say they are some of the worst. The only way to pull this off is, for example, if you made a longer song that would feature different beats ( like say you change beats half way through the song). If your beat is not organized and well patterned then the quality of your beat won’t be so good.

You should also make sure that your beat goes in harmony with your raps, meaning that your rapping must go along to the beat. The beat that you produce should obviously be one that you can rap to. If it’s too fast or too slow then you might not be able to rap well to it. The good thing about this issue is that it become less of a problem as you become a better rapper. This is because the better you become, the easier it will be for you to rap to any beat. Remember, make beats that people will want to listen to over and over.

make beats

Make Beats

Before you start to actually put together your beat, you have to consider what feeling you want to convey with your beat. You got many options to choose from such as, energy, anger, aggression, fire, laid back, and playful.

The emotion conveyed by your beat should obviously go with your lyrics and be in tune with what your song is about. Once you have your lyrics down, choosing the emotion for your beat should be simple. With that said, lets move on.

A rap beat consists of a loop, which is a set of bars repeating over and over.

Begin with your high hats and decide the speed of your beat, the hi hats are the basics for your beat. Next, add your kicks and snares (most people consider the kicks the baseline). Kicks are the deep elements of the base, whereas snares are the mid and high tones. For the snares you can use clicks, whistles and claps instead of the traditional snare sound. Choose a pattern that you feel anchors the beat and gives it a sense of rhythm. Introduce percussion around your snare and bass and add some vocals.

Once you have your speed configured you will have to combine these elements so that you produce an original beat with the feeling you want to convey.

Make sure you don’t over do your beat with a bunch of unnecessary sounds. Instead, keep your beat simple and focus on conveying the emotion that you want. Pay attention to some of your favorites beats and you will notice that they are not so complex. You will realize that those beats are actually simple but very unique and like I said before this is what you want to focus on. Always have in mind that you’re trying to make beats that are nothing but the best.

make beats

Music Production Software

There are many music production products out there that you can use to make beats but I would highly recommend DUBturbo. I talk about DUBturbo more in depth on my products page, but simply put I believe this software is one of the best out there.

This is due to the numerous functions that you can perform as well as the tutorials it comes with. What I like most about this product is that it’s very simple to use while allowing for you to create high quality beats without you having to be an expert. If you’re sort of new at this or if you just want to expand your skills, then I suggest you look into this product.

make beats

Make Beats:

If you want to make great beats, then you’re going to need some good beat making software. Check out DUBturbo, you will be producing sick beats in no time.

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