Video: Irv Gotti on Getting Your Music Heard

As a rapper on the come up, one of your main goals should be getting your music heard. Well what better way to find out how than to ask a successful producer. In this video from, Irv Gotti speaks on what he looks for when looking to sign somebody.

I’m not necessarily a fan of Irv but I have to admit that he is a pretty successful individual in the rap industry. He knows what to look for in artists and he has been behind a lot of successful rappers. Pay attention to what he looks for in potential artists and see if there’s a few things that you should change to increase your chances of getting signed.

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The Wrap Up

As you can see he knows what he’s looking for and there are certain things he’s looking for. For example, when he’s talking about Rick Ross he says “he looks like what he’s talking about” this is very important to all the new rappers out there. Irv is telling you that you have to be able to sell the part. Be selective about what you rap about because if you’re rapping about money and how you make it rain but in reality you look like a bum, chances are you won’t have any success at all. I hope that this helps all the aspiring rappers out there, let me know what you think.

One Response to “Video: Irv Gotti on Getting Your Music Heard”

  1. Don’t even like Irv but he”s gotta know what he’s talking about.