Hip Hop’s Most Influential Rappers

most influential rappersHip Hop is filled with many great MC’s who left their mark in the game. If it wasn’t for some of these rappers hip hop wouldn’t be where it is today. A lot of the newer rappers follow in the footsteps of these greats and it’s no surprise why.

The following rappers are what I consider to be the most influential. There should be no arguing that the following mc’s had a part in the evolution of hip hop. Let me know if you think other rappers should go on this list.

Here they are…

2Pacmost influential rappers

Tupac is truly the definition of an MC. His flows touched many different topics and I believe no one did a better job at this than Pac. His poetic style could get any crowd boppin their heads and many will agree that the legacy that he left behind can’t be matched by any other rapper.

Best Album: All Eyez on Me

Biggiemost influential rappers

Biggie needs no introduction as he truly is one of the greatest rappers of all time. His flow is unlike any other and East Coast rap wouldn’t be the same without him. There’s no rapper dead or alive that can take Biggie’s place.

Best Album: Ready to Die

Nasmost influential rappers

Nas is one of the best rappers alive period. His album Illmatic is one of the greatest albums out there and his lyrics are as real as it gets. His style is poetic yet raw and not many rappers come close to nasty Nas.

Best Album: Illmatic

Rakimmost influential rappers

I hope most of you know who Rakim is because he’s what I consider to be one of the pioneers of hip hop. Without him I wonder if rap would have gotten as far as it is now, this MC truly defines rap.

Best Album: Paid in Full

KRS-Onemost influential rappers

KRS-One was the most feared rapper at one time, no one wanted to battle him and it’s not a surprise why. His unique style and mind provoking lyrics separate him from the pack. He is recognized as one of the first gangsta rappers and it’s safe to say there’s no one like him.

Best Album: Return of the Boom Bap

Ice Cubemost influential rappers

Ice Cube is one of the most important rappers to come from the West. He is credited for ushering in the era of  ‘gangsta rap’ with NWA. Aside from all of this, Ice Cube has done a lot for hip hop including heating up the rap war between the West and East side.

Best Album: Amerikkkas Most Wanted

Jay-Zmost influential rappers

When describing an Mc, Jay-Z should always come to mind. The hip hop legend truly represents rap and his style is unlike any other. His lyrics pretty much touch every topic and he’s one of the few rappers that can do this without a problem or loss of quality.

Best Album: Reasonable Doubt

Big Daddy Kanemost influential rappers

The father of ‘speed rapping’ changed the game with his smooth style and quick flow. Also one of the first ‘ladies man’ rappers to grab the mic. Kane left his mark in hip hop and many owe a lot to this legendary hip hop star.

Best Album: Long Live the Kane

LL Cool Jmost influential rappers

A lot of people might not know this but there was a time when it was cool to like LL Cool J. His style influenced many new age rappers and if you know the old school J then you’ll know why. Listen to the old LL Cool J if you haven’t already.

Best Album: Mama Said Knock You Out

Andre 3000most influential rappers

Andre has a unique southern rapping style that can’t be matched by any other rapper and he demonstrated this in Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. I believe Andre’s flows are very complex and his delivery killer.

Best Album: Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

8 Responses to “Hip Hop’s Most Influential Rappers”

  1. Jigga definitely belongs on that list..koo article.

  2. What bout Redman or Busta Rhymes? Ya’ll slippin

  3. Eminent, Kanye West.

  4. i don’t mean no harm but how you going to put andre up there before scareface? scareface and the ghetto boyz were reppin the south when the east coast had the rap game on lock. or even before 8ball and mjg. they single handedly not only put on for the south lyricly, the also provided the business model for every independant artist from the south to blow up in more than just their area.

  5. Ummh Marshall Mathers II…

  6. Method man?