5 Ways to Get Your Music Heard

getting your music heardAs an aspiring rapper getting your music heard is extremely important. This is the means by which you will someday become successful. It will pretty much be impossible to make it if you don’t put yourself out there. Believe it or not now a days it’s not so hard to get heard.

You have so many advantages now due technology and other things so getting started should be no problem. After all, you will never hit the ball if you don’t swing (remember that). If previous rappers did it without having access to things such as the internet, then there should be no excuse for you to go for it. Here are five ways to get your music heard.

1. Pass Out Mixtapes

This is the old school way of doing things but hey it works. What you will do here is getting a bunch of your mix tapes and passing them out. This works because if your music gets in the hands of the right people, chances are (if your lucky) you will get looked up and you might even get a chance to really succeed. Plus you will give people a taste of what you can do and you might even get a few fans along the way. The best place to pass out mixtapes is at a rap events. Anywhere where there will be other artists around as well as rap fanatics. This is usually where the “key” people are. These are the people that you will want to make sure get a copy of your music. Try your best to get a hold of an artist who might be signing autographs and give him/her a copy. That might be all you need if you’re lucky. Don’t just stick to rap events though, pass your tapes out anywhere you can, the more places the better.

getting your music heard

2. Use Social Media

Getting your music heard should be a lot easier with sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Almost every hip hop fan visits these sites so there shouldn’t be any worries of not getting the right audience. Submit as many of your songs as you can so that you can start to build some sort of following. I would also like to point out that you should copy right your music if you decide to submit it to these sites, unless of course you’re using a beat that belongs to someone else. Doing this will surely get some people to check out your music and hopefully the right people. Other sites you might want to submit your music to include, Twitter, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. Remember, the more places the better, your main concern should be to grow as much as possible. The good thing about doing this is that it’s so easy to do, if you have a computer with internet you’re good to go.

getting your music heard

3. Submit to Music Sites

Unlike social media sites (which still work well) submitting your music to music sites such as SoundClick, will really get you a targeted audience. In addition, this site will rank your tunes and really put your music out there while showcasing it to the masses. The more your music gets listened to the more it will be featured. It will let people check out your music and your profile so I really suggest you look more into this site. Another good site to submit your music to is SoundCloud. Although not as targeted as SoundClick, this site is still a good way to showcase your music to others. Musicsubmit is another site you might want to consider and it is especially for artists trying to get their music heard. It submits your music to publicity outlets and exposes you to a lot of potential new fans. Other sites that you can use include iSound, Artistserver, and Last.fm.

 getting your music heard

4. Contact A&R’s and Producers

This is another obvious but very useful technique to get you music heard. While contacting A&R’s might not be the easiest thing to do, if you do get a hold of someone you might have a good shot at having them listen to your music and they might even like you so you really have nothing to lose. Reachfame is a site that will come in handy when trying to reach A&R”s. If you do get to this point you will need to be prepared to show them your music and I cover some of those steps on my getting signed post. If you’re one of the lucky people that knows a solid producer then they might be one of your best resources when it comes to getting your music heard. Producers know what’s going on and how to circulate music so if you don’t know one then I suggest you start looking. Besides, you will need a producer to produce your music so this should be a no brainer.

getting your music heard

5. Perform Live Events

Performing on as many events as you can will greatly solidify your credibility as a rapper. Aside from this you will also be able to let people check you out and hopefully start developing a fan base. When A&R’s are looking for candidates they will almost always go with the more established rapper so the more events and fans you have under your belt the better. This is also another place where you will be able to pass your music out. After your performance pass out some CD’s, I guarantee you people will be more willing to take them after they just heard you. There are underground rap events that you can sign up for so be on the lookout for these and make your move.

getting your music heard

 Final Thoughts

If you combine all of these methods I’m positive that getting your music heard will be no problem. Some of them might be a little simpler to accomplish than the others but when you really want something you have to go for it. Go try some of these out and let me know how it goes.

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