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How to Get Signedgetting signed

As a rapper on the come up, getting signed to a record label is probably one of your biggest goals. You won’t get very far without having a good label behind you. You can start up your own or get signed to one, what matters is that you sign.

This is the only way anyone will take you serious and know that you mean business. Well how do you get signed? Or what can you do to get signed? In this post I’ll show you what you can do to get signed and I’ll give you resources and tools to help you make it happen. All this will help you but remember, you have to take action.

Getting Signed…

Have Good Music

This is obvious but I want to discuss it because this topic is important especially when it comes to getting signed. You want to make sure you have good music that is well written and can be marketed. Think about whether or not the majority of the people would like and listen to your music.

If your music isn’t something that can one day be played on the radio, then I can almost guarantee you you wont go very far. Record labels are looking to make money off you so if they feel as if your music can’t be marketed then they’ll just get someone else. The competition is fierce so you have to up your game and produce nothing but the best.

getting signed

Find a Record Label

You need to find a record label that might be interested in your music. Once you find a label that you feel may be the winner, you have to do the following. You have to make sure that you look “signable” and professional.

Like I said before the label will only take you in if they sense that you can make them money and if you don’t come off as someone who knows what they’re doing, then you can kiss your chances of getting signed good bye.

You need to make sure you have a professional looking demo (this is very important). Often times this will be the only impression the label will have about you so with your demo you want to make a very strong first impression. Make sure everything looks professional, from your contact card to your image. To get you started on finding a record label that will help you reach success, check out Reach Fame.

Start Booking Shows Locally

This will help you build some experience and will give you some fan base as well. If a label knows that you already have some fans locally then there’s more of a chance that you’ll get signed.

Think about it, who would you sign, the new artist with no experience with no fans or the one that has fans and has done shows? Aside from the shows, try getting a fan base online through sites like youtube and facebook. These resources will make the process of getting signed a lot less complicated.

Now a days social media is very popular so if you get you’re stuff out there, chances are your chances of success will be higher. You want to have as many weapons in your arsenal as possible, I can’t stress this enough.

getting signed

These are the basics and some of the most important steps to getting signed but to get you started here is a list of websites that can hook you up and help you to get signed and get your music out there.

I suggest you check these sites out and take action. The only way things are going to happen for you, is if YOU make them happen. Instead of doubting yourself and thinking about whether or not you should go for it, just get up and do it.

The people that succeed are those that go after their dream. I’m not saying that getting signed is going to be a walk in the park but with hard work anything is possible.

getting signed

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