Getting Inspired to Rap

Get that spark…

There may be times when you’re not feeling as motivated or inspired as you once were. You pick up the mic but you don’t seem to be rhyming like you were before. You try making a beat but it sounds like crap.

It’s okay, everyone has those kind of days and you’ll be alright as long as you don’t stay feeling that way for too long. If you feel as if you just can’t seem to get motivated, there are a few things you can do to get that spark that will get you rapping again.

Listen to your older raps

If you compare your oldest raps to your most recent ones you’ll realize how much you have improved. This should be a huge confidence booster because you’ll know that you can keep getting better and better.You’ll be amazed at how far you have gone since the first song you put together.

Remember if you stop just because you have a few days you’ll never improve and if you stay away for too long you’ll end up getting rusty. Everyday you don’t work towards your goal is a day lost and eventually this leads to failure.

When you listen to one of your first songs, try and remember what you felt or what you were thinking of at the time when you were writing that song. Remember how motivated you were, how bad you wanted it at that time and know that if you did it once you can do it again.

Only this time you’ll have more skills so that alone should be enough motivation to make you keep going. Try this every time you feel like giving up.

Listen to your favorite rap songs

When you listen to music you like you naturally feel better and when you feel better you get great results. You might feel as if this idea is too obvious, well you’re right , it is. The problem is that this idea is often overlooked. Instead of listening to songs for motivation, people often listen just because. Listen to songs that motivate you and get you going.

Everyone has their motivating and inspiring songs so whenever you’re feeling a little uninspired, crank these up. The best songs to listen to are the ones that first got you into rapping and the ones that made you realize that you wanted to make rapping your career.

I recommend listening to Juicy by Biggie, everyone knows this song but not everyone fully understands it, so really pay attention to it. As soon as you feel your motivation going away put this song on, trust me it helps.

Here are some words of wisdom from



This guy knows what he’s talking about so really pay attention to that advice. Alright, hope this video got your motivation going, now let’s get back to what you can do to get that spark again.

Watch music videos

Watching your favorite music videos can help you greatly. Getting motivated visually is one of the best ways to get you inspired again. As you watch the video of your choice, picture yourself rapping in a video one day and try to visualize every detail.

Picture the scenery and what you will be rapping about. Every time you watch these videos keep in mind that those artists started from the ground as well. If they did it you can do it too, so watching them living their dream should fuel your fire and make you go after it even harder.

Know that one day an up and coming artist will watch one of your videos for motivation just like you did. Like I said before the key is visualization so keep this in mind from now on. Listening to one of your favorite songs was mentioned earlier as one of my suggestions so if your favorite song has a video then that’s even better.

Take some time off

You probably weren’t expecting this one but sometimes taking sometime off is just what you need. Often, people work too hard for too long. Believe me there is nothing wrong with hard work and the only way you’ll get somewhere is through hard work but overdoing it can also work against you.

If you don’t take a break you’re judgment may get cloudy and the quality of your work may get sloppy. Sloppy work is the last thing you want as an up and coming artist. Take a day off and just relax and do other things.

You should always have your goal in mind but for a day don’t worry about it too much. Now, don’t do this for more than one day, we’re just talking about taking a little break here not a whole week. When you take a break your mind clears up and when you come back to your work you do a lot better. If you’re serious about this then you should even be looking forward to get back to work. If you’re feeling stressed or a little unmotivated give this a try, it might be just what you need.

I hope this helps you to get back on track, keep working hard and stay motivated. If you need some more motivation check out my motivation page.

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  1. Thanks 🙂

  2. Only one day break

    U gotta let the creative juices re energize man
    A week off can be really good.

  3. watching this just gave me so much insparation Remember me because just watch someday i kno im gonna make it follow me on twitter @its_3rd_Eye because im just a young nigga thats om his way to becoming a rapper