Funny Rap Songs

Funny rap songs definitely have their place in hip hop. There are so many out there and it’s always good to play them once in a while, especially when you need something to make you laugh. These aren’t as popular as other rap songs but they’re still pretty good.

Some artists are very skilled when it comes to funny rap songs and I’ll let you know about some of them on the list below. Let me know what you think and let me know of some songs that you recommend. Okay, so here they are, some of hip hop’s funny songs.

  • Eminem- My Dad’s Gone Crazy

  • Afroman- Because I Got High

  • Afroman- Colt 45

  • Spose- I’m Awesome

  • Jibbs- Chain Hang Low

  • Sir Mix A Lot- Baby Got Back

  • Mighty Casey- White Girls

  • Biz Markie- Just A Friend

  • Cypres Hill- I Remember That Freak Bi***

  • Eminem- Just Lose it


Some of these songs are pretty funny while others aren’t so much but I think they all fall under the “funny category”. I know this list is small but I want to hear what songs you guys think are funny so I’ll let guys write those on the comments. I’ll check out the songs that you recommend and let you know what I think.

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