Freestyle Rap

freestyle rapFreestyle rap is one of the best things that you can do to sharpen up your rhyming skills. It’s not so easy to do, which is why it’s a great rapping exercise.

For those of you who may not know what freestyling is, this is when you rap off the top of your head about a topic or just any random thing.

This means you’re not reading off a paper when you’re spitting like you would do when you write a song. Here I’ll give you some steps and tips on how to improve your freestlyes.

Why You Should Consider Freestyle Rap

Freestyling gets you thinking quick and it forces you to come up with rhymes on the spot, which is something that a lot of newer rappers are not familiar with. When writing raps yes you have to come up with rhymes as well but you have a lot more time to think about these rhymes.

Aside from this, a rapper who is good with freestyle rap, is more likely to come up with really good rhymes when writing a song. This is because rhymes will come to you much quicker.

You’ll find yourself being able to rhyme with little or no trouble at all. This is a goal that every rapper should aim for, I say this for the following two reasons:

  • First, as I mentioned before, you’ll have the ability to write songs with ease.

  • Second, (and very important) if you get put on the spot you won’t look dumb or lose credibility.

No one likes a rapper that can’t freestyle when put on the spot, this is very true. If you can’t freestyle at any random moment then your rep as a rapper will take a bad plunge and you’ll have to build it back up. Save yourself that trouble and improve your rhymes by starting up the freestyles.

freestyle rap

Freestyling Tips

Make it a habit to freestyle everyday, there shouldn’t be excuses for not being able to freestyle rap since you can do this anywhere. You can spit when you’re in the car driving, when you’re at home watching TV, while at work (If you’re not around people), and pretty much anywhere else.

A way to start this up is to freestyle about random things that you wouldn’t normally rap about. For example, when you start the freestyle, start rapping about whatever you’re looking at at that moment. Here’s an example of a freestyle I’ll come up with on the spot:

  • Sitting here writing this post/best writer alive don’t mean to boast/leaving writers scared damn!/coulda sworn you seen a ghost

Okay, that “best writer” part was an exaggeration but I was just trying to put down whatever came to mind at that very moment. Like I said before this will get your rhyming skills to another level.

Another thing that you can do is to freestyle about current events taking place or about things that you’re familiar with. This should be easier to rap about since you’ll have a fair amount of knowledge on the topic, therefore allowing you to have more content for your freestyle. You can even make up words from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t do that every single time. The key is to expand your vocabulary and rhyming skills, so if at times you have to make up a word to end your rhyme right, then by all means go for it.

Also, have a few words in mind that you might want to use, ahead of time. Know how your bars will end, for example, if you know your rap will end with the word “light”, come up with words such as “bright” or “night” that you can use to end your other bars with.

You WILL mess up, and when you do, start on another topic right away and don’t think about why or how you messed up. Just keep going and keep those jaws moving. You have to remember that freestyle rap takes skill so don’t get disappointed if at first it seems tough.

If you can freestyle in front of a crowd, I guarantee that you will have the crowd on your side and at the same time increase your credibility as a rapper. If later on you become successful, (which I’m sure you will) then I’m pretty sure that you will get put on the spot. When you do you’ll be glad that you did this during your earlier days.

freestyle rap

In Conclusion

Often times people who perform freestyle rap catch themselves rapping about the same things or saying the same rhymes. Try to expand your vocabulary and look at a dictionary. As a rapper, your weapons are words. The more words you have in your arsenal the more well rounded you will be.

Key points to remember about freestyle rap…

  • The better you get at this, the easier it will be for you to write songs that rhyme well and sound good.

  • Any rapper that can come up with a good freestyle on the spot is considered above average.

Make it a habit to start freestyling, It’s a rapping exercise that can be done anywhere so don’t come up with excuses why it can’t be done. Freestyle rap should be something every rapper does, get motivated and get it going, I know that you can do it….

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  1. I gotta say that freestyling really brings up your rap game….this is a good write up that sums it all up. Keep it up.