Comments That You Should Ignore

Comments That You Should IgnoreNo matter where you go and no matter what you do there’s always going to be people doubting you. They’ll be quick to put down your dreams and they will give you a thousand reasons why you should give up. You’ll get comments like these no matter what you want to do but aspiring rappers will get them even more. You can either be dumb and pay attention or you can be smart, smile and ignore.

You have to understand that the people that give you this negativity are stuck and they feel the need to bring everyone else down with them just so that they feel better. If you’re dumb enough to listen then maybe you don’t deserve to be a successful rapper. There will always be these kind of people, remember that. In this post I’ll give you some negative comments that people will give in relation to your goal of becoming a successful rapper. I’ll also tell you how you should take this comment and how you should think so that you don’t fall into the trap of giving up.

Do you know how hard it is to become a famous rapper?

  • How You Should Take it: This is probably one of the oldest negative comments in the book. It’s one of the first thoughts that pops into people’s heads when you want to do something out of the ordinary. People always think that anything worth doing is extremely hard to accomplish. While there is some truth to this it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to become a successful rapper. Remember that anything worth doing will need a lot of effort on your part but also remember that many people have already done what you want to do, so if they can do it why can’t you? Remember all of the struggling rappers before you that probably had it a lot harder than you do. They made it, so next time someone tells you this just think, “yeah it might be a bit hard but it’s definitely possible.”

You should just focus on school.

  • How You Should Take it: People are always afraid to try new things, they like sticking with what they know or feel comfortable with. For some reason most people believe that the only way you can make good money or be successful is if you go to school. They funny thing is that most of the wealthiest people didn’t even graduate from college. Most aspiring rappers will always get hit with the “you should just worry about school” comment and it’s understandable due to the fact that education is important. However, people need to remember that you can go to school and still focus on rap. All you have to tell them when they hit you with this is, “yup I’m doing both.”

You’re wasting your time.

  • How You Should Take it: This is one of those comments that can really affect you if you let it. It’s these type of comments that make people give up and stop pursuing their dream. What you have to understand here is that the people telling you this are probably miserable and again, these are the people trying to bring you down with them. Misery loves company so if you want to be miserable like the people giving you this advice then go ahead. The best way to respond to this is simply to laugh and tell them “whatever you say.” After this just ignore this comment and don’t even focus a second of thought on it.

Being a rapper is dumb.

  • How You Should Take it: I would have to say this is one of the biggest “hater” comments out there. For the people that think this way, go back to your 9 to 5 and stop talking smack. Obviously the rappers making it rain don’t think it’s dumb. All these rappers that made it to the top are set so you know that they’re doing something right. I’m not trying to be materialistic here but what I just said is true. I’m positive that all the rappers that become successful will truly have a great experience. So when people tell you this just say, “I’ll remember this on my way to the bank.”

You’re not going to make it.

  • How You Should Take it: In my opinion this is the worst of them all. It’s straight to the point and can really hurt or even brake your confidence and inspiration. Whatever you do don’t pay any mind to this comment because if you do you will really hurt your chances of reaching success. Remember that making it to the top is probably 80% mental. The people that tell you this are probably carrying so much negativity that they’re not even worth listening to. If you’re trying to make it you shouldn’t even be around people that think this way, they’re bad for business.

I hope that this helps you deal with all the negative people and all the negative comments that you will get in relation to your goal. Remember nobody can stop you but yourself so if you really want to become a successful rapper then I believe that you can do it. Keep going, “if it gets harder just go faster.”

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