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Funny Rap Songs

Funny rap songs definitely have their place in hip hop. There are so many out there and it’s always good to play them once in a while, especially when you need something to make you laugh. These aren’t as popular as other rap songs but they’re still pretty good. Some artists are very skilled when […]

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Sad Rap Songs

We can’t deny that some songs get you in a sad mood. These songs make you think and they really seem to put your mind somewhere else. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of sad songs but just like all the other kinds of songs, they too have their place in hip hop. I believe […]

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Inspirational Rap Songs

Some rap songs get you pumped, others get you energized, some might even get you sad, and then you have the inspirational rap songs. Those are the songs that motivate you and make you want to thrive for more. These songs remind you of what your goals are and what you need to do to […]

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