Best Topics To Rap About

There are so many things to rap about but finding the right topic can sometimes be a little complicated. It’s important to chose the right topic for a simple reason and that’s credibility. You need to make sure that you rap about something you’re familiar with not something that’s made up.

Rapping about something “real” will make your rhymes sound a lot better trust me. In this post I’ll tell you about a few topics that you can use for your raps. Some of these are pretty basic and they’ll be easy to incorporate while others are going to need a little more work pn your part. Well here they are.


You hear it in most of the new songs today, money this money that. This topic is probably the second most used and the easiest one to rap about. All you have to do is spit out a few words about how much money you have and what you do with it. I really don’t think this is such a great topic to rap about because I consider it a contradiction to real rap. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having one or two songs about this but make sure you don’t use this topic on all of your songs. If you do use this topic make sure you give it a twist and don’t sound like all of the newer rappers today.

Real Life

This is probably the best topic to use when rapping. When an MC raps about real life event you can feel the emotion coming out with every rhyme. This is also what I would consider real rap and I’m pretty sure a lot of you will agree. Like I mentioned earlier if you use this topic it will be easier to come up with rhymes especially if you have a story to tell. Most of the 90’s rap (which is the rap golden era) consisted of rappers talking about everyday life and struggles. If you’re a new rapper then I suggest you stick to this topic, at least until you build up some credibility and become more well known.


Although this topic is not as popular it is still used by many rappers. This can still be tied to real life, that’s another reason why you should use it. Rapping about this can be executed differently, for example, you can rap about an actual relationship or you can rap about a girl. A lot of these new rap songs talk about girls but the way they do itĀ  isn’t always the best way to go about it. VenturingĀ  into other topics is a great way to expand your rapping skills so try to rap about this and see how it goes. Remember, this is another category that’s “real” so it shouldn’t be too hard to start it up.


What better thing to rap about than rap. Rapping about this can also be executed using different subtopics. For example, you can rap about the game and what you think, about the newer rappers out today, the hustlin’ that you have to do to make it to the top, rap skills and what you can do on the mic, and about what hip hop means to you. This is a very popular topic and a lot of today’s top rappers constantly use this topic. I believe this is one of those that never gets old because the game is always changing and the history is already there. Get it crackin’ with a few rhymes on rap.


Hip Hop wouldn’t be what it is without boasting. I think out of all the topics this one takes the prize for the most used. In almost all of the rap songs you listen to you’ll hear a rapper boasting at least once. There’s nothing wrong with this but again, make sure you don’t over do it. You can show off about anything from how much money you have to how good you rap. Another topic that’s easy to rap about and well liked (by the people doing the boasting) so don’t say you’re running out of ideas to rap about, there’s plenty and boasting is one of them. Pick up the mic and get it going.

In Conclusion…

As you can see there are many topics that you can use for your raps. These topics have subcategories so the number of things that you can rap about is nearly endless. Try to rap about all of these eventually but remember be real and earn some credibility before you start rapping about some of these (money for example).

3 Responses to “Best Topics To Rap About”

  1. I gotta say the real life one is the best gotta stay true…good stuff!

  2. These are all great topics, but you should also try to be original and make original songs. For example, Eminem’s ‘Elevator’.