Best Rap Lyrics

best rap lyricsHip Hop is filled with many great lyrics that leave you wondering how these rappers came up with them, but which ones are the best rap lyrics? I guess it’s hard to say because everyone can argue about what a good rap lyric should contain. This is true but I also believe that most people can recognize good lyrics when they hear them.

The best rap lyrics should be clever and filled with rhymes that leave your ears tingling. I would also like to point out that sometimes a lyric can still be good without actually rhyming. Okay well, these are what I consider to be some of the best rap lyrics (in no particular order), let me know what you think.

The Best Rap Lyrics

1. “Put your hands in the air like you got the heat to your back

and shake your body like a baby born addicted to crack

And since life is a gamble like the craps tables at Vegas

I freestyle my destiny, it’s not written in pages”

-Immortal Technique: Leaving the Past

2. “And they say it’s the white man I should fear

But, it’s my own kind doin’ all the killin’ here”

-2Pac: Only God Can Judge Me

3. “Still, niggaz run up and try to kill at will

But get popped like a pimple, so call me Clearasil

I wipe niggaz off the face of the Earth since birth

I been a bad nigga, now let me tell you what I’m worth”

-Dr. Dre: Keep Their Heads Ringin’

4. “The Moet and Alize keep me pissy

Girls used to diss me

Now they write letters ’cause they miss me

I never thought it could happen, this rappin’ stuff

I was too used to packin’ gats and stuff

Now honies play me close like butter played toast

From the Mississippi down to the east coast”

-Biggie: Juicy

5. “Nobody can take nuttin from Big L but a loss chief

The last punk who fronted got a mouth full of false teeth

I’m known to gas a hottie and blast the shottie

Got more cash than Gotti (you don’t know?) you betta ask somebody”

-Bil L: Put it On

6. “I didn’t have no date to homecoming, that’s cuz I had your girl naked in my home cumming”

-Chamillionaire: What it Do

7. “Catch Me With The Crips

And The Bloods Don’t Mind No

I Don’t Bang Colors

I’m A Damn Albino

Drunk Like A Wino

Hard Like A Rhino

Flyin’ Through Ya Time Zone

Lookin’ For A Fine Hoe

Rihanna, Alicia, Mya, Big Pimpin’

I’ll Even Take A White Girl

Like Jessica Simpson”

-Ya Boy: 100 Bars of Death

8. “I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell

I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well”

-Jay Z:  You Don’t Know

9. “Before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed

Turn your tux red, I’m far from broke, got enough bread

And mad hoes, ask beavis I get nuttin butt-head” (One of my favorites)

-Big L: ’98 Freestyle

10. “I murder a rhyme one word at a time

You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine

You better, get rid of that nine, it ain’t gonna help

What good’s it gonna do against a man that strangles himself?”

-Eminem: I’m Back

11. “It’s funny when it rains and pours

they got money for wars but can’t feed the poor”

2Pac: Keep Ya Head Up

12. “Be doin artists in like Cain did Abel,

now they money’s gettin stuck to the gum under the table”

GZA: Protect Ya Neck

13. “A wise man sees failure as progress

a fool divorces his knowledge and misses the logic”

Canibus: Poet Laureate II Lyrics

14. “Versatile, my style switches like a faggot

But not bisexual, I’m an intellectual

Of rap, I’m a professional and that’s no question, yo”

Nas: Halftime

15. “In house beach, french countess, ten thou piece
Rent-out lease, with a option to buy
Coppin a five-oh Benz for when I’m not, far up in the sky
Puffin the lye, from my Twinzito
Up in the Benzito with my kiko from Queens, nicknamed Perico”

Big Pun: Still Not A Player

16. “CNN tryna get us to hate all the Muslims
Them niggas never talkin the truth so don’t trust ‘em
Niggas out there die about true religion
Young niggas over here dying over true religions”

Young Jeezy: Shake Life

17. “You can pay for school but you cant buy class.”

Jay Z: Swagga Like Us

18. “Since I’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen
I ain’t no politician, but I’ll kick it with ’em a minute
‘Cause see they call me a menace, and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it
But if it don’t, then y’all swallow the truth, grin and bear it”

Eminem: Renegade

19. “Lyrically handsome, come collect the King’s ransom
Jams I write soon become the ghetto anthem
Way out like Bruce Wayne’s mansion, I move like a phantom
You’ll talk about me to your grandsons”

Mos Def: Sunshine

20. “I buy my nickles from a dime that goes by the name of Penny”


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  1. Big l’s part takes the cake no doubt.

  2. Greydon Square – N Word… best lyrics ever.

  3. these are all okay, I really like the game in church for thugs “And outta all the newcomers out, my flow’s the illest
    You a close second nigga,
    A banana to a guerilla
    Put us in the same cage and I’ma have to peel em”

  4. Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey- Words I Never Said. Best down-to-earth lyrics i’ve ever heard.

  5. big L is amazing.

  6. In my opinion the best rhymes paint a clear picture in your head of what’s being said, while making you think and at the same time be amazed by how nice the rhyming is. I also like to hear real emotion in the delivery. This type of stuff is rare these days but here’s some gems.

    “Now as I open up my story, you can blaze on yo blunts,
    And you can picture thoughts slowly, upon phrases I run,
    And I can walk you through the days that are done.
    I often wish that I could save everyone,
    But I’m a dreamer..”

    “With all this extra stressin
    The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
    When will I finaly get to rest? Through this opression
    they punish the people that’s askin questions
    And those that possess, steal from the ones without possesions
    The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons
    Don’t settle for less – even the genius asks-es questions”

    “We do dirt like worms
    Produce Gs like sperms
    Til legs spread like germs
    I got extensive hoes wit expensive clothes
    and I sip fine wines and spit vintage flows
    But y’all know”

    “Picture bloodbaths in elevator shafts
    like these murderous rhymes tight from genuine craft”

  7. I’ll bite the hand that feeds,

    Chew the steak and spit the knuckles back,

    Stitch ’em up and give em dap, before his brother’s rubberneck,
    aesop, food clothes medicine

    just leave this here

  8. Ice Cube clearly missing there:

    «I’m a captain,yep the head nigga in charge,
    pull Air Force One, up out the garage,
    I’m the grand puba You’re part of lodge.
    You mortals better pay, respect to the Gods.
    You can cuss more, I’m Mount Rushmore,
    Now you can sell more, You still Al Gore
    Nigga I’m the president, you’re just a resident,
    In my Gangsta world, and you late with the fucking rent!»
    WC feat Ice Cube & Young Maylay

  9. nice blog guy, i might have got to keep coming back here 🙂 keep writing

  10. “I’d like to thank god for blessin’ me,
    and givin’ me the recipe,
    to rock the microphone,
    and keep hood niggas impressed with me”

    — Slim Thug “Do it Again (feat. Keisa)

  11. The mos def line is from RE:Definition… not sunshine… but still a good line

  12. J Cole “The Autograph”:

    Man, I rap so vicious but I talk so politely
    Never met a baby momma, momma who don’t like me
    Met a couple baby fathers though they wanna fight me
    I hit her til she snooze, like the news n-gga nightly
    Send her back to you when she no longer excites me
    No she bitter with this n-gga
    Cause he aint quite me
    One things for certain baby, you are a wifey
    Two things for f-cking sure
    I am not the husband thoguh
    So run back to him while you still can
    He sticking with his wife and kid, yeah that’s a real man
    I was ashamed all along and I still am
    We let the lust interupt something real, damn
    Girl we grown so you gotta play your own position
    I wouldn’t say that you a hoe, just made a hoe decision
    Eh, you can blame it on the liquor like a prohibitions
    We both know that’s what you wanted girl
    I know you listening

    Cop this dudes album, kid straight lyrical

  13. “my mom aint raise me to be a leach, im the coke spokesman my coke tan like caucasions at the beach, im ballin gettin cake out in the street, cuz im throwin powder like lebron nd im amazing wit the heat”

  14. bruh u forgot infamous Nas:

    “Plenty Henny in me, envy was simply they trend see
    My enemy was every hater than was bigger than me”

  15. “visions occupy my synaptic space,
    commanding shape,
    to illustrate my mind’s landscape.
    The tall grass, the low plains, the mountainous ridges,
    thickets among the forests, rivers beneath the bridges.”
    -Mos Def “Hater Players”

    “I’ll strike a steel pose
    and hit you with some ill flows that don’t even make sense, like dykes using dildos.”
    Eminem “Any Man”

    “Your punchlines were originally mine,
    i’ll leave you chumps hooked to that machine with the squiggly lines.
    …(meh line deleted)…
    We all got biscuits, the snub’s in the Guess,
    and we’ll squeeze arms like blood pressure tests.”
    Cassidy Freestyle

  16. Big L hands down

  17. “Ni^^as is mad I get more butts than ashtrays” Biggie Smalls

    “Ask Beavis I get nothin butt head” Big L

    “Left Hand Will Lean Him Like A Little Pass six!” Jay-Z

    “Put three holes in ya head make it look like bowling balls” Fabolous

    and a lot more dope lines. Your list was good though!

  18. Eminem and jay-z …..they jst banged on to the lyrics man….

  19. I make their heads bob in the street like speed bumps, cause every bar hit ya, hard as a muhammad ali punch
    Lloyd banks.

    Banks ain’t the ni**a to fool with, i have em’ out lining ya, with the blue shit from the pool stick.
    Lloyd banks.

    Go’ head and try and do me harm soldier,
    and you’ll be in a black bag like grass out the lawn mower.
    Lloyd Banks.

    I got red, blue, white, don’t even ask about ice, I look like a cop car flashin his lights.
    Lloyd Banks.

    You know me, house slippers and baggy sweats, I throw a bitch out the crib like jazzy jeff
    Lloyd Banks.

  20. Overall, this is a good collection of some lyrical missiles all that came with a deadly delivery from the artist…good stuff!


  21. Any of Tupacs deep lyrics should be listed here but especially the first verse of Keep a head Up. Did ya’ll forget about Saul Williams?

    Check out these lyrics…
    Artists losing they integrity
    Just to become a celebrity
    The rap game is inebriated
    And anaesthetized
    Drunk on fame
    And its no surprise
    With opened eyes
    We could have predicted
    The death of hiphop has been dictated
    By fate and restricted
    With duct tape
    So we cant hear its cries
    But we can hear the lies
    Infected with the viruses
    Of disguised irises
    No prizes for realising
    What I’m surmizing
    I’m tired of hearing
    Bout money weed and women
    People rappin for a livin
    But not to make a difference

  22. jay z is so potent with the hustler and selling water to a well

  23. BIG L is da man!! He left us too soon.

  24. all a matter of opinion, a lot fo the quotes you picked from each artist i would have picked many other quotes over them from the same artists.

  25. WHAT?!? where the fuck is masta ace, guru, the last emperor i mean those are the real poets…fuck tupac he was thug whith no future and so he died everybody says even nowdays that he was a god that he wrote for youth and for better purpose, well masta ace has made football club and teaches young cats from BK how to play it for free, he isn’t drinkin hennessy with snoop dogg and Dr. DRE!! And thats smth i call walk the talk;)

  26. I want to say rest in peace
    to children murder on UK streets
    When the country wages a war
    Theres a war going on in thier very own streets.”

    Devlin ‘blind faith live lounge cover’

  27. where the fuck is aesop rock?
    just cuz your dumb ass can’t understand it doesn’t mean he ain’t making sense, bitch.
    and where the fuck is El-p? or anyone from JUX for that matter. Or even fuckin’ Zach de la rocha? did you forget about that guy? or ANYONE from blue school or stones throw?!


  28. Big L is sick but are you mad bro? How is Big Pun not on this list, but Chamillionaire is?
    “Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didn’t do diddily!”
    Big pun – Twinz

  29. Im like a river im currently flowwwwing

  30. waka flocka flame you aint playin with the kid gucci mane pull up with 24 kidd uhh uhh i aint playin with ya shottie ak47 blow your brains out holy holy jesus christ leave yo ass hangin on the cross like a dike

  31. When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell
    Cause I’m a piece of shit, it ain’t hard to fuckin’ tell
    It don’t make sense, goin’ to heaven wit’ the goodie-goodies
    Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies.
    — Notorious B.I.G.

  32. Thief in the night fangs in your jugular
    Bleeding you dry I live in a glass house
    Throwing Meteorites Appeased the gods in a previous life And I slice the throat of Sweeney Todd For get my piece of the pie I’m the angel of death Outpacing olympic swimmers Wit the titanics anchors chained to my legs All without breaking a sweat
    From the underground And I’m craving the taste of your flesh Like the day of the dead Here for gaining respect Enforce the laws of gravity And draw the sword of Democles To the nape of your neck
    Communist Marxist Sharpshooter locked on my target I was breast feed cancer and bottles of Arsenic Blind swordsman wandering darkness I’ll drop the queen’s severed head in the offering basket
    I’m eating outta coffins and caskets
    And everyone in my field of vision
    Just crops to the harvest
    I’m a hell-born Seraphim
    Four faces with torned feather wings
    Spawning forth the four Nephilim
    Burying peace pipes
    Diggin up the hatchet
    Deepthroat my dick till it singes in your stomach acid
    We unattractive ferocious creatures
    I got master degree burns
    After a heatstroke of genius
    Rush the doors from dusk till dawn
    My entrourage plot on top of Scotland yard
    Cause we above the law
    Withstand the force of a juggernaut
    We’re the receipe for disaster
    And the beats cooking up a storm
    All powerful being during hours of sleeping
    I levitate between the ground and the ceiling
    Advance lifeform found in my semen
    Haven’t started to rap yet this is
    Just the sound of my breathing
    A mental plane like Eynola Gay
    I’m slashing open throats of backstabbers
    Wit my shoulder blade
    Step off the planet it would float away
    Tormented by growing pains
    Of my ever evolving brain
    I sever ties wit heaven skies
    And wage wars that makes Armaggedon
    Resemble a training exercise
    Third eye blessed with second sight
    A centerbite I’ve survived the new mexico desert testing sites
    If I do start to smoke weed I’ll take two tokes
    And won’t breathe after a whole week and OD
    Battling me you wont get cold feet
    The meer thought of facing Possessed
    Will freeze the fluid in both knees
    Product of a Warlock and a Witch knock you for six
    Piledrive you down a bottomless pit
    Push my luck over the top of a cliff
    I don’t bite the hand that feeds me
    I chew it off at the wrist
    I forge a sword from a thundabolt
    And I’ll rub in salt into bullet wounds
    Just to the make the slug disolve

    – Rhyme Asylum

  33. No mercy is what I chemically bomb on enemies
    Your life’s a fucking mistake, technique is the remedy
    Destroy you before you become what you intended to be
    And in the future you’ll worship those that descended from me

  34. And I’m from the murder capital, where they murder for capital. -Kanye West

    I never understood planned parenthood, 
    Cuz I never heard of any planned parents in the hood- Kanye

    My picture should be in the dictionary
    Next to the definition 
    Of definition 
    Because repetition is the father of learning, 
    And son I know you’re barrel-burning but 
    Please don’t shoot me down. 
    -lil Wayne

    I tried to pay attention
    But attention paid me. 
    -lil Wayne 

    She got a light-skinned friend, looked like Michael Jackson. 
    She got a dark-skinned friend, looked like Michael Jackson. 
    -Kanye west

    We buy our way out of jail but we can’t buy freedom.  -Kanye

    Said it was funny how our schools make us stupid and our jobs make us poor. -Lupe Fiasco

    My enemies they want beef but don’t know what’s at steak. -Ludacris

    You ever thought your train of thoughts has been derailed? -Gym Class Heroes 

    You got the power to let go of power?
    -Kanye west 

    Said it’s silly how our schools make us stupid and our jobs make us poor. 
    -lupe fiasco

    Her shoes so tight,  I call her shoe-icide. 

    I’m sick and tired of being so sick and tired. -Gym Class Heroes

    • This is a good addition all of these have very clever wordplay thanks for sharing.

      • Haha no problem, and this is the dopest of em all-

        I met this girl on Valentines day, f-cked her in May,
        she found out about April so she chose to March.
        -Cyhi Da Prynce, So Appalled

  35. Im thuggin too homie, the heater kinda like Al Bundy’s hand, believe me everytime you see me its gon be in the pants.
    Chamillionaire IM TRUE

    A very rare breed almost extinct.
    The way I walk the way i think.
    the shit i wear the shit I drink.

    The way I stink, I smell like fruity hydroponic, when haters see my car they turn around and vomit.
    SPM hes a plane

  36. roses r red voilet r blue i got five fingaz the middle 1 is 4 u

  37. u know im the best so here the door get out before i breack u it’ll to whore

  38. set ur self on fire N still u will not be ass
    hot ass me

  39. my favorite all time is from Nas “life’s a bitch”

    “I changed my motto
    instead of screamin’ ‘fuck tomorrow’
    that buck that bought a bottle
    coulda struck the lotto”

  40. Poisonous poems travel through walkman headphones
    Into your dome Osteoperosis your bones,
    Who’s the nicest nigga you know in the year two triple-oh
    Spit turn to icicles in the mid air and slit your throat
    Drain your carcass dry rip out your heart bitch
    I write rhymes using your blood for my ink cartridges
    Paleoanthropologists, polish the bones
    of rapper artist after I dip in my hydrochloric waters

  41. Sleep-through freestyles better than most these rapper’s writtens. We hate the face we’re charismatic ; Lost my temper and it never managed to surface. -Rhyme Asylum

    >So big headed when I think about myself my neck fractures

    >I’m asking nice ; No mask and knife

    >Taking aim at the youth cause small coffins are cheaper

    >Put it down for the women like a toilet seat

    >Accelerate time so when in my presence ; Ten years of your life is compressed to within the tenth of a second #BARS

    >Prepare for the fall like a hay fever shot

    >Throwin’ up blood like a pyru


    >I got you completely smashed after 8 bars, like a pub crawl

    >A granite fist to the chin, Rodin’s Thinker

    >It’s funny how steroided your confidence seems, when the last time you got laid hipsters were rocking big jeans/tupac was in his teens

    >If you a star I’m a galaxy nigga (Cassidy)

    My version:
    >You star?! Fuck, I’m a galaxy nigga
    Only the stupid oppose ya
    Putting and end to stars like a super nova
    These ruthless posers are not amazing
    Fuck a star, I blow up entire constellations


    >I’ll cut you for the money, like a sapphire


    I think that’s enough for now.
    That’s BARS

  42. Glad to see Atmosphere on there. One of my favorites from him would have to be from Always Coming Back Home To You: “But then the road became empty and the people disappeared. The clouds ran away and opened up the sky and one by one I watched every constellation die.”

    or Childish Gambino
    “The shit I’m doing this year? Insanity.
    Made a beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony.”

  43. Jay z is the king og lyrics nw n 4eva

  44. GOOD BUT, FUNNY Rap!
    “I gotta Go Fuck a Hoe!!!”

  45. where is mac dre in this or andre nickatina
    Lemme Introduce Myself, I’m The Mac
    No Just A Mac, In Fact I Wear Many Hats
    I’m A Rapper, Capper, Punk Bitch Slapper
    Catch With The Farmboys In A Tractor
    I’m A Actor, Soon To Be Grammy Nominee
    When Im On E, I Might Do Comedy
    Bitches Bombin Me, Boy I’m A Dumb Dancer
    7 5 7 0 Cancer
    I’m A Rider, Fighter, Crest Sider
    Pull An All-Nighter With Mikey On Wires
    I’m A Villian And I’m The Owner Of The Building
    A Thug, A Drug, To Give Ya That Feelin’
    Im A Producer, Top Notch Gooser
    Might Be A Thief, But Im Not No Booster
    Dealt With The Roosters Everyday
    Put On My Giggin’ Shoes And Do The Mac Dre
    -mac dre
    Sometimes I sit alone
    And look deep into my soul
    And i’m starrin down at something
    That’s very out a control
    Tolerence at zero
    Emotions dead and gone
    If indo was a pebble
    man consider me stoned
    Patience low I rest to go
    I got’s to get Ahead
    Motherfuck these hoes
    And Impose I got to get my bread
    The streets say nothing nice
    They crooked like the idus
    And everybody dippin seein
    who can get the highest
    Now check this out
    without a doubt
    And about to come fresher
    And about that cab
    And protect that ass
    Don’t pannic under pressure
    My stabbin like a whip
    Or better an aligator
    temper going up and down like a
    Like a fucking elevator
    – dre dog

  46. Jake Batchelder Reply July 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Mos Defs lines are actually from Re: Definition by BlackStar with Talib Kweli. One of my favorite verses of all time though.

  47. Now a nigga got baking to bake
    Harlem Shake? Nah, I’m in Harlem shaking awake
    Shaking to bake, shaking the Jakes
    Kill you, shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake
    – cam’ron

  48. “I’m do ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet” big l

    “lets kill the bull like a matador” earl sweatshirt

  49. Ok so im sicker then sick
    Flow make yu have to shit
    im throwing shit hard on you like im michael vick
    nigga know that im the shit
    dont respect no nigga nor bitch
    yup its a girl in the rap game and im runnin shit
    running shit like a tredmill
    i think you needa to take some advill
    cause the way im coming at you gonna make ya head spill
    Bitch im hefty like a trash bag
    put em in the trash can
    beat a nigga face lik drums in a rock band
    fone got that nice grip
    i aint talking bout that flip doe
    on that at&t not that verizon doe
    in the summer time i mak it snow
    ice game so sick that it cools the flow
    never braggin never slackin
    im just stating facts on what good can happen
    only a young teen girl
    rocking out the world
    doing this like im grown watch me catch the throne
    that all i got time 4
    faded off that 9 core
    holla at ya girl wen yu see me walking through that door


  50. Uncommon Valor by Jedi Mind Tricks is the most lyrically moving rap song I have ever heard. As for wit its all about Eminem. His album Infinite has the best puns ever spit.

  51. Also 82-92 by 1982 feat. Mac Miller

  52. You niggas slightly off like BET award censors – Asante

  53. I don’t show emotion
    I’m a cronic lover
    Don’t surface my name nigga you know I’m undercover

  54. got to listen to jay electronica act 1 best lyrics

  55. “It hurts but I never show, this pain you’ll never know
    If only you could see just how lonely and how cold
    And frostbit I’ve become, my back’s against the wall
    When push comes to shove I just stand up and scream ‘Fuck ’em all! ‘
    Man it feels like these walls are closin’ in
    This roof is cavin’ in, but it’s time to raise it then
    Your days are numbered like pages
    And my book of rhymes got them crookin’ boy
    This crooked mind of mine got them all shook
    And scared to look in my eyes
    I stole that fuckin’ clock, I took the time
    And I came up from behind and pretty much snuck up
    And butt fucked this game up
    Better be careful when you bring my name up
    Fuck this fame, that ain’t what I came to claim
    But the game ain’t gonna be the same on the day that I leave it
    But I swear one way or another I’m a make these fuckin’ haters believe it
    I swear to God, won’t spare the rod
    I’m a man of my word, so your fuckin’ heads better nod
    Or I’m a fuck around in this bitch and roast everybody
    Sleep on me that pillow is where your head’ll lie
    Permanently bitch, it’s beddy bye
    This world is my Easter egg, yeah prepare to die
    My head is swole, my confidence is up
    This stage is my pedestal, I’m unstoppable
    Incredible hulk you’re trapped in my medicine bowl
    I could run circles around you so fast your fuckin head’ll spin, dawg
    I split your cabbage and your lettuce and olives” – eminem Drop the world

  56. he thinks his mlg pro but he is like the rest undressed fu**ing up his dress