Best Instrumentals To Rap To

There are many instrumentals out there but only a few stick out from the rest. If a beat catches your attention within the first ten seconds then chances are you’re listening to a high quality catchy beat. These are the beats that you want to rap to since they are easy to feel and vibe to.

Today I’ll tell you about some of what I consider to be the top instrumentals. I’m pretty that any rapper will enjoy rapping to some of the beats that will be mentioned below. These instrumentals range in styles from west to east so you’ll have some variety. Spit to these and let me know what you think.

  • Mobb Deep- Shook Ones

  • Biggie- Everyday Struggle

  • Shyne- More or Less

  • The Game- California Vacation

  • Eminem- Infinite

  • Necro- Light My Fire

  • Onyz- Last Dayz

  • Jay Rock- West Really

  • The Beatnuts- Get Funky

  • The Alchemist- 40 Bars


Below is the instrumental to The Alchemist- 40 Bars. Try freestyling to it and let me know what you think, I would say this is a solid beat and most real rappers will probably like it. This guys has some pretty good beats so check some more of them out. I don’t own any rights to this song just putting it on here so you can check it out.


There are plenty more instrumentals that can go on here but I’d rather hear your suggestions. Let me know what instrumentals you like and let me know of other beats that you suggest.

2 Responses to “Best Instrumentals To Rap To”

  1. Necro has some crazy instrumentals check out violins of violence.

  2. That Alchemist beat is straight CRACK! That boy is an amazing producer!