Beat Styles

beat stylesHip Hop is full of many different rapping and beat styles. Typically the style of a beat is almost always influenced by the area of where a particular style or genre originated from.

Each style is good in it’s own way and while it’s true that everyone has their certain preferences, I believe that almost all beat styles are equally good based on the fact that they indeed are different. You can’t really say one style is better than another because these genres tend to be unique and different from each other. With that said, lets talk a little bit about some different styles and what they bring to the table.

The Different Beat Styles

Beat styles vary from West Coast all the way to the East Coast. In between you have genres and sub-genres such as, screwed and chopped, crunk, mid west and some others. Another thing I would like to point out is that rapping to every different style while sounding good is not so easy to do. You might sound good rapping to a west coast beat but that doesn’t mean that you’ll sound good rapping to an East Coast style beat.

West Coast Style

West Coast style beats are some of my personal favorites. They tend to have that “gangsta rap” feel to them and are what I would call “raw”. When a West Coast beat comes to mind the name Dr. Dre always pops up in my head and it’s not hard to see why. These beat styles have a street feel to them but not necessarily an urban one. The beats are not too fast paced and bass plays a big part with this style. This style usually has a beat tempo of 100-120.

Definition of a West Coast Beat: Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang/ Dr. Dre

beat styles

East Coast Style

While the West Coast style has a street feel to it, the East Coast style definitely has a street feel to it but more on the urban side. This beat style has more of a mellow feeling to it and there’s definitely some soul involved here. I would say that this style is more leaned toward what real hip hop is. Seeing as how rap originated on this side, makes me believe that this is why you get this vibe. This style has a beat tempo of 90-120.

Definition of a East Coast Beat: C.R.E.A.M./ Wu-Tang

beat styles

The Dirty South Style

This style which is often referred to as “crunk”, is very unique and has also been on the rise. Although there are subcategories it’s safe to say they’re all in the same family. For example, you have the screwed and chopped sub-genre which was brought up in the south. This style is different from your traditional rap beats. The beat tempo of a dirty south beat is usually 80-110.

Definition of a Southern Style Beat: That’s Gangsta/ Bun B

beat styles

Mid West Style

This style is not as popular as its West Coast and East Coast counter parts but its still has its place in hip hop. Rappers such as Nelly and Kanye West have given the Mid West credibility but most of these rappers are very different from one another so it’s hard to give a solid definition of what the Mid West style is. However, the beat tempos for this style range from 90 to about 180.

Definition of a Mid West Style Beat: Country Grammar/ Nelly

beat styles

Beat Styles Sum Up

As you can see all of these styles bring something different to the table. The West and East Coast styles are the most popular but that doesn’t mean that the other styles aren’t good. Like I said in the beginning of this article, my favorite is the West Coast style, being as how I reside in the West. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the other styles though. I like each one for what it brings to the table. So which style is your favorite?

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  1. That east coast style is dope my fav but still give credit to the rest.

  2. Great article. I love how you broke the styles down with actual examples! Great job