5 Clothing Lines Started by Rappers

Making it to the top in hip hop can really bring you many opportunities but for those who become successful, there are so many other ways that you can expand your career and assets. Many new doors open up for the rappers that make it and we can see proof of this all the time.

A good example of this is the many clothing lines started by rappers. While not all of them are successful, the ones that are show us how much more hip hop can bring to an individual. In this post I’ll focus on some successful clothing lines started by rappers. This also demonstrates how these rappers went from just being artists to entrepreneurial businessmen.

#1. Sean John

Started by Diddy

Clothing Lines Started by Rappers

Diddy launched a sportswear collection under his name, Sean John and as we all know, it was a success. The line’s annual revenue now exceeds $100 million and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It’s no wonder why this rapper is the richest of them all.

#2. Roca Wear

Started by Jay-Z

Roca Wear was launched by Jay-Z and co founder Damon Dash in 1999. This clothing line now has huge annual sales of $700 million. Jay-Z sold the rights to the Rocawear brand in March of 2007 for $204 Million but he still retained his stake in the company.

#3. Phat Farm

Started by Russell Simmons

I know what you’re thinking, “Russel isn’t a rapper” and you’re right but due to the fact that he started Def Jam, I had to put him on the list. Phat Farm, was started in 1992 and began in a small showroom from there it expanded and became an extremely popular brand.

#4. G-Unit

Started by 50 Cent

G-Unit Started in 2003 after 50 Cent developed a partnership with Marc Ecko. After 50 and Ecko split, 50 went on with the clothing line and he maintained full ownership. The line stopped its marketing for a while but continued in 2009.

#5. Akoo

Started by T.I.

Akoo was developed in 2008 by co founders T.I. and Jason Geter. Akoo stands for”A King Of Oneself” and the brand has been growing pretty steadily since it’s launch in 2008. T.I. sees his clothing line as”upscale urban apparel.”


As you can see hip hop can bring you much more if you decide to take advantage of it. Aside from being good rappers (not including Russel) these artists took it to the next level and in turn expanded. If your goal is to become a successful rapper always remember that rap is only the beginning.

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  1. Sean john does have some pretty good stuff….don’t know about phat farm though.